Archie Brooks, our mascot and millworks encyclopedia, has been our sawyer for over 30 years, and taught us the good cheap fast triangle. Good and Cheap will not be Fast. Good and Fast will not be Cheap. Cheap and Fast will not be Good.  

  1. We guarantee our products to meet agreed specifications detailed by consumer and The Cornerstone Floor Group Salvage in signed contract.
  2. Custom orders will take 6 weeks to process. The lead time on these custom orders is from 6-8 weeks unless otherwise agreed upon in contract.
  3. Quoted prices are good for 30 days.
  4. Production of order will not begin until 50% deposit is received and contract is agreed and signed. All deposits are non-refundable.
  5. Final payment must be paid in full prior to shipment. C.O.D. is optional, but be aware trucking companies may charge up to 5% of the value in fees.
  6. Please be prepared to take delivery on agreed date. We will hold your wood with no charge for 30 days, but will have to charge $35 per day for every day after because of limited warehouse space.
  7. If weather is the cause of delay, please reschedule delivery, but do so before the shipment shows up. Precipitation will void our warrantee and ruin your wood. We will not implement a penalty due to weather.
  8. Shipping is done through common carrier direct to the jobsite. Our discounted bulk rates are passed directly to the consumer. We will help coordinate the shipping, and although we cannot unload, we will help you or your builder prepare with unloading and acclimation instructions.
  9. You are welcome to pick up or make your own shipping arrangements.
  10. If your shipment seems to be damaged call us immediately so we can help. Insurance is carried by the shipping company and we can help you file a claim.