Grading: We offer six wood styles for most of our products. Our styles are broad to allow for maximum use of the reclaimed materials. This system allows for a more natural grading resulting in wider widths and longer lengths. We all have different tastes, and we want your floor to reveal your style. Your order will reflect your individual requirements. Please discuss your expectations with us so that we can make your perfect floor inimitable. These Styles are generalized, but you can be as specific as you require.

  1. Skip planed 
    This style of flooring or paneling is created by using the outer surface of the original material as the surface of the new product. We lightly plane the surface to expose the natural wood grain while leaving parts of this product with the old saw marks and aged patina. Small height differences are common and desired.
  2. Original Surface 
    Original surface flooring is created by using the outer or most exposed surface of our original reclaimed material wholly as the new surface. Small height differences are apparent throughout the floor. This style creates an old world hand crafted look. Original surfaces include barn board, antique flooring, and outer surfaces of larger timbers. These original surfaces may include painted surfaces.
  3. Rustic 
    Our rustic style of flooring is collected from outer original surfaces of our salvaged timbers and planks. We completely plane the original surface, but expect this style to possess many nail holes, knots, weathered patina, and slight splits. A favorite mountain home or lake house style. Full of comfort and wear, there is no need to worry about scratching and denting. The foot prints of this style are built in.
  4. Natural 
    Our most requested style. This grade takes advantage of the whole timber. Whether barn board or beams, our natural flooring uses the entire product. A flat and tightly milled product, still full of character, this style allows the longest lengths and widest widths.
  5. Select 
    The most formal style we offer, select flooring will have little to no weathered patina, fewer knot, less frequent nail holes, and higher heart content. Our select grade is cut from the slowest growth trees resulting in the tightest grain formations. Expect quarter to flat sawn exposed grain.
  6. Mixed grade 
    This grade takes advantage of the whole salvaged material as well as the whole structure from which it came. All styles and grades will be present as well as the varying types of original materials. We make this grade from planks, floors, decking, studs, joists, and beams. This is a floor with a story. Completely recycled. Completely historic.