The tall giants that once dominated the southern plains have dwindled from one hundred million acres of virgin forests to less than one thousand today. These forests supplied lumber, pitch, tar, and turpentine to trading companies as early as 1608. Ninety percent of these forests were cut by 1930, fueling the extensive railroad growth during the late 1800’s. The crystal clear meandering southern rivers also hosted longleaf pine transportation. The timbers were cut and towed by oxen to the rivers tied together as a barge type rafts and floated downstream to sawmills. Most of the logs made their way to their sawing destination, but many of the densest timbers sank in transport. These sinkers, as they are called, have been perfectly preserved by cold mineral rich river bottoms awaiting their next life. We reclaim these 300 year old jewels to produce our own line of recovered river heartpine. Tight grain with up to 30 growth rings per inch blends immaculately with green and burgundy hues of the mineral infused heartwood of this distinguished floor. Custom milled per order.